Of Beards and Men is honored and pleased to have been featured in the following publications:


The Photo Review: 2014 Competition issue (Volume 32, Number 4), Langhorne, PA

Cosas Hombre magazine, March 2014, Text by Renato Velásquez, Lima, Peru (pdf)

Tocado magazine, March 2014, Barcelona, Spain (pdf)

ICON magazine, Issue 12, Milan, Italy (pdf)

Lavender magazine, Issue 488, February 6-19, 2014, Text by Steve Lenius, Minneapolis, MN (pdf)

Gaykrant magazine, #681, "Beardflirten," 2013, Text by Gideon Querido van Frank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (pdf)

Beards: An Unshaved History, Kevin Clarke (author), published by Bruno Gmuender, Berlin, Germany